5 Biggest OMFG Moments From The ‘RPDR’ Reunion

I'm really glad that RuPaul's Drag Race once again did a pre-taped reunion show for a 2nd season in a row. It's so much more authentic when the queens are able to be as open, blunt and honest with each other without having a studio audience in the background. 

The show did this in the first three seasons and they were much more captivating than the ones between 4-8 (minus season 4 because of the whole Phi Phi O'Hara backlash).

Last nights 90-minute reunion was packed with so many fights, tears and even an actual screaming match between two of the queens versus RuPaul himself. The saddest part: this was the best episode of what I would consider to be a very drab and boring season.

Let's take a look at the 5 biggest OMFG moments from it.

The Vixen Walks Off the Set

It came as no surprise that The Vixen was a major focal point for this reunion given how polarizing and controversial she was this season. 

The first part of her argument dealt with the "Too Vague" fight between her and Aquaria. That was resolved with minimal issues. Then came the battle between her and Eureka which was one of the biggest parts of the show this year. 

This was a tough one to watch. The Vixen tried to explain herself in this situation where she point blank pointed out that all the focus was on what she did wrong and not Eureka in their situation. No one defended her except for Asia O'Hara, and even Ru and her got into it before she stormed off the stage.

Vixen seemed to get the majority of the support on social media after, but I do feel bad for her in that this is what her RPDR legacy might be known for instead of her natural talent. 

Asia Versus Ru

The fight that escalated between Asia and Ru after Vixen left was truly amazing. It pretty much came down to Ru saying that you can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped where Asia felt that no one was really listening to her and her feelings on this issue.

This was reminiscent of the fight that Ru had with Tammie Brown in the S1 reunion ("I don't see you walking children in nature!") but with a much more serious subject matter. Ru got the last word in this, as he's the host and it's his show, however the whole thing was simply riveting to watch.


Vanessa "Vanjie" Matteo was the breakout star from this season even though she was eliminated in the first episode. She revealed that she wasn't expecting to go home during the lip sync against Kalorie Karbdashian Williams and that's why she said "Vanjie" three times as she had nothing prepared to say. I also died when she mentioned how she ducked from people throwing cookies at her during her gigs. Here's to her being on S11?

Monique, Monet, Dusty & Blair Emotionally Open Up

The rawest moments from the reunion came from the personal journeys of Monique Heart, Dusty Ray Bottoms, Monet X Change and Blair St. Clair.

Each of their stories was discussed as the season progressed: Dusty's background of enduring conversion therapy when he was younger, Monique and Monet's religious struggles and Blair's first sexual experience being a rape.

It was heartbreaking to watch as each of them are still dealing with their individual issues today but have had a ton of support from their fellow queens and fans in the process.

Kameron Gets Shut Out by her Fellow Queens

Finalist Kameron Michaels received a ton of backlash from her S10 queens last night. They all accused her of separating herself from the pack and debating her social media personality with her in real life one. None of them gave her a vote to win the season, which seemed to be very hurtful given her facial expression when they were giving votes to the other three.

What was your favorite moment from last night's reunion? 

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