76 Men Deported from Kuwait On Suspicion of Homosexual Acts

Kuwait has deported 76 men on suspicions of being gay. 

Homosexuality and being transgender, along with cross dressing are illegal in the country. In order to crack down on homosexual acts, 22 massage parlors were raided on suspicion of being "hubs" for homosexuality. Offenders under the age of 21 can serve up to 10 years and those over 21 can serve 6 years in prison for being convicted. 

Mohammad Al Dhufairi led the raids and said of them, "We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any morally distasteful deeds and we refuse to show leniency with anyone who breaks the rules or puts the health of Kuwaiti citizens and residents at risk."

In a 2013 article, a Kuwait health ministry official wanted a homosexual detection system to keep them out of the country. With the invention of AI technology that can do this now, it is a scary reality for the LGBT community in Kuwait.

A universty official also backed up the raids saying "We live in a conservative country and, therefore, we should uphold specific morals."


H/T: Gay Star News

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  2. Religion only corrupts the

    Religion only corrupts the mind and is used to manipulate people. As such, it looks like people in the Middle East have no will of their own and see how religion ruins their everyday life.

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