A Gay Elsa On SNL?


Kate McKinnon as gay Elsa. A role we never knew we needed, but we now can’t live without it.

This past Saturday Night Live brought us this treasure through a Frozen 2 skit. The skit mocks the Disney sequel for many aspects, but it’s one throwaway line that sated the calls of many internet users.

Since the first Frozen released years ago, internet users have called for Disney to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. This is because LGBTQ Disney fans have wanted Disney to represent them and saw an opportunity in the Disney princess turned queen. But unfortunately, Disney has yet to give Elsa a romance, gay or straight. Thankfully though, SNL and comedian Kate McKinnon decided to do it for them.

At the beginning of the skit, McKinnon’s Elsa is seen lost in the woods. She then says, “Hello? Is anyone there? Anna? Kristoff? Olaf? I’m gay? Is anyone there?”

Cecily Strong’s Anna then finds her and remarks on their situation. Elsa then says, “I don’t know whether we’re heading North, South, Gay, or West.”

Anna questions Elsa on this and McKinnon’s character goes, “You have a fulfilling heterosexual marriage at the age of 18 and I’ve just spent two whole movies playing with snow, both are equal and good.”

The two then break into song. You can watch the scene, and the rest of the skit, down below.

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