A High School Production of “Rent” Has a Disgusting Twist

Rent is arguably one of the best, if not the best, musical to ever come out The Great White Way known as Broadway.  It is a painful tale done beautifully by Jonathan Larson, and has been one of the most popular shows ever since its debut 21 years ago.

Evidently, a random high school decided to take on the rock opera, which is a pretty bold move given how "adult" the show truly is.  Here's the unfortunate and really disgusting twist that was put in it.

Instead of AIDS, some of the characters have DIABETES!  Yes, not AIDS… Diabetes.  I don't think my jaw has ever fallen so far to the floor in my life.

Some random bartender told financial writer Chelsea Fagan about this monstrosity, and I am truly hoping that they were lying about the entire thing. 









So… do you think this really happened? 


4 thoughts on “A High School Production of “Rent” Has a Disgusting Twist”

  1. This is such an old, OLD JOKE

    This is such an old, OLD JOKE… which is being presented as actual "news." Oh dear. laugh My theatre friends have been telling this one for years. 

  2. I have a hard time believing

    I have a hard time believing their licensing agreement would allow them to do modify this musical in such a substantial way. No sources are mentioned at all. I'm surprised that it's even being published. Really poor "journalism", Instinct. 


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