A Throuple on HGTV?!

Image via HGTV

Yes, you read that right. There was a throuple on reality tv, and on an HGTV show on top of that!

A recent episode of House Hunters threw viewers for a whirlwind (and received response of praise and ridicule) when it included a polyamorous group made up of two women and one man. According to Texas residents Brian and Lori, who have been married for 18 years, they met Gelli at a bar and instantly feel in love with her.

“I understood from day one, even when we were dating, that Lori was bisexual,” said Brian. “And so we evolved to a point where we were comfortable having another woman in our lives.”

The three have since stayed a committed group and have also exchanged vows together. Now, they raise two kids together and went on House Hunters with the desire to find a home that provided space for their entire family.

As you can imagine, there was a strong response to the inclusion of Lori, Gelli, and Brian in the HGTV show. This is especially true because of the fact that the show primarily depicted the relationship like any other.


Of course, this is the first time that a polyamorous relationship has appeared on the House Hunters show. That said, HGTV has previously included LGBTQ people on many of their shows. We are happy to see it and hope this inclusivity continues on long into the new decade.

Source: Pride

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