Actor Michael B. Jordan’s Shirtless Physique is a Holiday Treat We Can All Enjoy

Michael B. Jordan has been one of the best actors this decade has seen overall, with his amazing turns in films like Creed, Fruitvale Station and The Fantastic Four.

Since his leading role in Creed, he has been sporting quite the buffed up physique, and social media has totally taken a notice.  Not that he wasn't good looking already, but he's been definitely showing off the results in 2017 and we are loving every minute of it.

This was very evident a couple of days ago, when he posted a #TBT of himself alone and one with his (equally as cute) friend Eric Yehezkel on a boat somewhere.  

Not that we care where they are, because the location isn't really what we are looking at here.  Keep up the good work Michael, both in acting… and in attracting. 



#Tbt @erik0wens bday weekend

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#tbt Wavy

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