Amazon To Select Location Of Second HQ Based On LGBT Laws?


Amazon plans to open a second headquarters  in the near future.  How will this leader in business select its next location?  Many are speculating that the company will consider state and city laws and stances on LGBTQ issues as one of the factors in choosing the location of the new headquarters.

We love seeing companies changing their logo around pride to show the rainbow colors or sponsoring LGBTQ events, programs, etc, but it's their every day activities and internal policies that we want to see support EVERY ONE as well as the LGBT community.  This would be big if Amazon came out and said LGBTQ track records of states/cities were important in the decision. Maybe they did …

Some speculators say the new headquarters will bring along with it 50,000 jobs and a $5 billion boost to the local economy of where ever it lands. Lots of jobs, money, salaries, and a great LGBTQ track record themselves.

  • Among the most LGBT supportive corporations in the nation.
  • Received a perfect 100 percent score on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.
  • CEO Jeff Bezos won HRC's National Equality Award for LGBT supportive policies
  • CEO Jeff Bezos's personal financial support for efforts to bring about marriage equality.

Will cities having very good LGBTQ records stand out, like Atlanta and Houston, just to have the less than favorable states' records of Texas and Georgia thwart their chances? Will the small blobs of blue in the seas of red states float to the top for picking or will the surrounding waters hinder their selection?

Amazon observers have pointed to the request for proposals that Amazon released when it announced it was looking for a location for its new headquarters. Among the criteria mentioned in the RFP was a reference to a “cultural community fit” for its workers along with the “presence and support of a diverse population.”

Some have interpreted that to mean the company wants the new host city and state to be supportive of LGBT people who would be expected to be part of Amazon’s workforce. – Washington Blade

For more on this development, head over to the Washington Blade.

Should Amazon look at blue states only and forget the red state locations all together?

Are we putting too much pressure on corporations to do the right thing,e ven though it may be financially detrimental or off-setting?

Then again, do we want Amazon in our city?  Consider this report from




What do you think?