Andy Cohen Calls RHOA Women Out For Being “Gay Bashy.”

Are you a fan of any of the Real Housewives shows? RHOA or RHONY, RHOOC, or even RHONJ?  There are others right like HHOO?  That's another story.  I think many of us love to get lost in the RH franchise because they are mindless, fabulous, scandalous, and we want to be in them.  But when 'the gays' are present or mentioned in this groundbreaking series, are we really being treated fairly?  What about instances of homophobia or slurring?  Do those happen?  Mr. Andy Cohen recently confronted the gals about one of their recent slip ups.

This season, noted pot-stirrer Kenya Moore insinuated that Kim Field's husband Chris was a little light in the loafers and that he was better known around Hollywood as "Chrissy"—and she's not talking Three's Company.

When Andy broached the subject on the reunion, Moore and the other ladies continued to speculate about Chris's sexuality and things quickly got super awkward. Moore, in typical twirling fashion, refused to back down or apologize, and talk turned more homophobic as Andy got more and more visibly uncomfortable…

It's not that the Atlanta Housewives are actually homophobic, or even meant any harm by their comments, but rather, we're seeing how masculinity is perceived in the black community…

Luckily, a clearly fed-up Andy called them out on their behavior.  He then wisely gave Chris the last word on the whole situation. –




What an awesome apology! Ugh!   Some people just do not get life.

We previously saw Andy call out some other RH ladies about their use of 'the gays' and 'my gays' phrases. If you forgot, go to instinctmagazine – andy-cohen-slams-real-housewives-my-gays-references

Do the RH ladies / franchise need to be talked to like this more often? 

Do you think the LGBT community is treated unfairly in the RH shows?

Thanks Andy for standing up for us and those of us that are not us.  And thanks for saying hello at Twist two weeks ago with Sarah Jessica Parker.


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