Another Lonely Night – Adam Lambert Bring Us Into The Weekend.


Here's Adam's newest release set to video.  Take a look and let us know your thoughts.




Yep, there's some good eye candy in there, but there's more than just the stripper, if you hadn't noticed.

Go on over to our premiere story about Another Lonely Night (adam-lambert-teases-another-lonely-night-music-video) and hear a clip from the stripper and the minister played by  transgender YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous about their lonely nights / lives.

“The main theme of the video is exploring how many entertainers tend to feel the most connected and alive while they are creating,” Lambert said of the video, which was directed by fashion photographer Luke Gilford.
“When the lights turn off and the costumes get put away, many struggle with the feeling of loneliness. I wanted to paint a picture that wasn’t necessarily happy or sad, but showed the entire range in between”. –

It seems that Adam is getting pretty personal in the songs he's been giving us lately.  Ghost Town was about his heart being empty and not sure if love was an option in the near future.  Another Lonely Night seems to be another song about absent love. 

I'm worried about you Adam.  Let's get some love up in those vocals.  And an awesome dance anthem would be good, too. Come down to Fort Lauderdale. We'll see if we can get you some inspiration.

But in the meantime, let's get back to being piggy and look at the stripper some more. Maybe these images will help you through your own Another Lonely Night.

What do you think?