Anti-Gay Principal Arrested For Distributing Child Pornography

Image via Clark County Detention Center

Is There A Psychological Theory Why Hardcore Homophobes End Up Being The Creepiest Criminals?

Well, well, well… here we are once again. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re once again dumbfounded by the number of adults who wind up in the news because they have some sexual attraction to children. I literally cannot comprehend! Some of us chose to pop a champagne bottle upon hearing the news of serial predator Jeffrey Epstein’s death/suicide, but there’s still a never ending road of creeps still out there. Thankfully, some of them get justice… and it’s even more satisfying for me, as a gay man, when we also learn that the person is a documented homophobe.

According to News Week, a Kentucky Principal of the Clark County Area Technology Center, Phillip Todd Wilson, was arrested this week after being charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. Wilson was busted after a witness claimed he gave someone the child porn in person. What?! Obviously, this is repulsive on all accounts – especially from someone who works with high school students. But, that’s not the only kicker to this story.

In 2009, when Wilson was the Principal at another high school, he banned a number of books from classrooms that contained “homosexual content” and books he referred to as softcore pornography. Perhaps he wanted these books to be a little… harder?!

One of the banned books under Wilson’s reign was Lessons From A Dead Girl by author Jo Knowles. Knowles was blindsided she was learning of Wilson’s arrest and took to Facebook to describe the horror of Wilson’s original accusations against her art and proclaimed about the whole ordeal – “You can’t make this shit up.” Check out her post below:

It’s so vile and eerie that Wilson had been living as a “normal member of society” for so many years, before all of this came out. Doesn’t it make you wonder what kind of power trip one must be on to demand a banning of books for sexual and homosexual content… only to be distributing child pornography?  What is wrong with these people?

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Source: News Week

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