Anti-Trans Poster At Women’s March Starts Fury!

Anti-Trans Poster At Women's March Starts Fury!

Why Does There Always Have To Be THAT Person?!

UGH! Alright, so this past weekend celebrated the second coming of the Women's March. I live in Los Angeles where I attended and got to experience a wonderful event and protest with arguably the strongest people I've ever met in my life: Women. I'm raised by a single mother – and a flamboyant man who has been called a girl most of my childhood. Funny enough, I'm now called a girl everyday, but with more pizzazz that I couldn't ever take it as an insult! I am a huge supporter of the Women's March and was so curious to why it wasn't advertised as strongly compared to last year. Regardless, the March is intended to stand with women and support voices who have been silenced in society for years, equality, and letting women know that we are empathizing with their pain. As someone who attends Pride parades each year, I had to go to show my support. Everyone in Los Angeles came to make a statement. It worked well throughout the globe. But, of course, someone has to be a bad seed in a sea of beautiful, pink protests.

According to a Facebook post by Canadian woman, Meaghan Jackson-Doucet, came across a woman holding an Anti-Trans sign at the Women's March in Canada. Jackson-Doucet, and the majority, were outraged by the random stranger's poster board. Jackson-Doucet herself admittedly has a child who identifies as Transgender. In a lengthy Facebook post, Jackson-Doucet alleged the woman was angry and yelled anti-Transgender statements as a Transgender sex worker spoke at the March. 

The stranger's sign reads:

"Transwomen are men. Truth is not hate. Don't believe the hype! Trans ideology is misogyny and homophobic. Woman is not a feeling, a costume, or a performance of a stereotype. Woman is a biological reality. There is no ethical or moral duty to lie to soothe a male ego."

DANG GIRL! Calm down! In my opinion, like, if you have to explain your statement at a protest that is supposed to be created with materials you purchase from the dollar store…don't write it! What on Earth was this person thinking?! So frustrating to see this behavior coming from a woman who is protesting equality. It appears to me, the stranger has a different agenda and was blessed, for the lack of a better term, to have a platform to speak on. 

Jackson-Doucet tells why the photo she took of the stranger is going viral:

"I shared this because we need to shine a light on all of our ugly dark bits in order to overcome. Like it or not, this woman EXISTS. And she's MAD. Really, REALLY MAD. So mad, she came to a protest about equal rights to put down other humans. To put down people like my kid. So I'm shining a light on her, and people like her. I see you. My child sees you. Can we all please just try to figure out how we can all live together on this planet peacefully, and stop trying to build ourselves up by putting others down."

The stranger in question is more than likely a bigot, there is no doubt around that. I hope she is actually thinking about the rhetoric she's speaking and hopefully it is articles surrounding her infamous, viral photo that may have her revisiting her ridiculous protest.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Trans Poster At Women’s March Starts Fury!”

  1. I support equal rights for

    I support equal rights for transgender people as long as they have been professionally diagnosed with gender dysphoria and for underaged people legal transition until they become adults and consciously decide to transition medically.

    Now, all those doesn't change the fact that transgender people are biologically the sex they were born as.

  2. I, for one, am amazed that

    I, for one, am amazed that anyone in the gay community would give free publicity to this one person whose poster is better suited for a Trump rally than for a women's march. I watched Stephen Colbert's display of posters; candidly, they were gayer than this debbie-downer of an article. Why focus on that one small zit of a shit, when you are surrounded by so much fabulousness. The f**king glass ain't even half empty; it's overflowing. Take some joy in that.     …..     Sheesh!!!


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