Archie Comics Released Special Coming Out Strips

Image via Archie Comics & The It Gets Better Project

Archie Comics celebrated yesterday’s Coming Out Day with a series of comic strips proposing a world where coming out was as easy as breathing.

Working along with the It Gets Better Project, Archie Comics presented five new coming out stories under a series of strips titled A Better Universe. The five comic strips have a similar theme of a world where Riverdale residents can come out without any fear of pushback or hate. The first story shows popular characters like Jughead and Kevin Keller responding to their friends and classmates coming out as gay, lesbian, transgender, and non-binary.

Image via Archie Comics & The It Gets Better Project

“At Archie Comics, being inclusive and welcoming is a major part of who we – and Riverdale – are,” Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura said in a statement. “It’s a place where friendship and unity are essential, integral elements. It’s always an honor and pleasure to work with our friends at the It Gets Better Project, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them on a special series of comic strips timed to National Coming Out Day.”

“We are honored to be partnering with Archie Comics on National Coming Out Day. Since our first collaboration around ‘Kevin Keller Day’ in 2013 to celebrate Riverdale’s first openly gay resident, Archie Comics has been a leader in amplifying the It Gets Better message of hope,” said Brian Wenke, Executive Director of the It Gets Better Project. “Integrating positive LGBTQ+ role models throughout all forms of media is an essential ingredient to creating a more understanding and inclusive world for all people.”

If you want to read the comic stories, you can head over to

h/t: It Gets Better, The Hollywood Reporter

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