Are Celebrities No Longer Role Models?

Are Celebrities No Longer Role Models?

Do Role Models Walk Among Us?

I've been having such conflicting thoughts lately surrounding fame. Alright, so when I was growing up I looked to the entertainment as my source for role models. I was a gay child, unknowingly in some aspects. I never wanted to admire a baseball player or astronaut. Instead, I wanted to be a Spice Girl, Disney Princess, or one of pretty actresses I've seen in films. 

As I've grown into adulthood, I've realized my true role models and inspirations are those in my life. They are the doctors and counselors I meet at the LGBTQ testing centers. They are my family and friends. They are certainly not those who I currently witness in the entertainment industry. 

I could be biased. I work in entertainment so I'm observing on a daily basis how cut throat the industry is. The actors I once used to admire are almost parodies of themselves. They are simply flawed people. Hell, you must be aware of all the sexual misconduct being tossed around Hollywood at the moment. Our hit songs are no longer about taking your love interest to have a shake at a malt shop. Instead, it's about sleeping with someone and using them for money. The Cash Me Oussside girl is topping the Billboard Top 100. Is she entertaining and interesting? Absolutely. A role model? Hell no. Most media is now paid sponsorships to shove some people down our throats until they're famous. How can we have role models if they're fabricated? 

In short, anyone can be famous. Yet, almost none of them are worthy of the title of a role model. Now more than ever, we need to admire those friendly faces in our lives. It's extremely important that we become role models for those in our lives; not who is a trending topic or has half a million followers. 

This is the opinion of one Instinct Contributor and does not reflect Instinct Magazine itself. 

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