Are Those Gay Dads On Netflix’s “Dark Crystal” Series?

Image via Netflix

The sequel to a cult classic film from the ‘80s has now included some LGBTQ representation.

Recently, Netflix released the sequel to 1982 film The Dark Crystal. And fans of the original film as well as this new Netflix update were excited to find that the series includes gay parents. When the show’s heroine Deet refers to her parents, she calls them her fathers. And when that happened, fans of the show got a little teary-eyed.

And they weren’t alone as even the voice cast expressed joy at this revelation. Nathalie Emmanuel, who voices the character Deet, spoke to Metro about how the show touches on real-life issues despite its fantastical setting and circumstances.

“It’s an escape from the real world, but when you have the more grounded everyday shows, people we can see that as being real life and can relate to it. ‘We can reflect society and people’s issues back to them. It’s nice to have a spectrum of genres.’”

The former Game of Thrones star, who played Missandei, specifically noted how the fantasy series addresses racism through allegory.

“You have more permission to comment on things with fantasy. ‘People are removed from the world they’re in, so it’s a way to express a certain point of view and it’s easier for people to digest. ‘If it’s in a drama people would push back against it more.”

If you want to see how The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance tackles real-life issues through its magical frame, you can check out the Netflix program online now.

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