Artist Reimagines Disney Characters as Transgender for Good Reason

A lot of us grew up wishing for a fairytale ending for our life, thanks to Disney movies. Even now, many of us who are older still love watching them. They will forever be apart of our childhood and growing up.

But for those in the LGBT community, they didn’t always hit home. Disney has made some progress by being more inclusive of gay and lesbian characters.  One thing that is missing however, is transgender characters. One graphic designer is deciding to change that and hoping to change the narrative as well.

Trans Disney, a creative art director in New York City, is reimagining Disney characters as transgender. Trans Disney, wants the focus to be on the project, and has not released any more information about themselves, so they cannot be framed in the conversation. Saying of why Trans Disney was born and so much focus on the project itself,  "transgender people are constantly framed and judged based on their gender.”

One of the goals of the project is to combat the strict narrative that has been told, with very traditional gender roles and relationships. Trans Disney wants to “break those clichés to state that transgender people also dream of finding love and happiness."

When one looks at the images they can see that some of the characters still look similar to the original image and gender, and others are closer to the opposite gender. Trans Disney said this was on purpose. They wanted to showcase that there are different stages in the process of transitioning. Some people are further along in that process and others are just starting out.

Trans Disney plans to continue doing more transformations of characters and wants to expand into villains as well.

When asked about if they ever expect to see a Disney film starring an LGBT character, they said hopeful. Saying, “because Disney has such a huge impact on society,” they hope to see them more embrace those characters and share them with the masses.

Check out a few of the images below and head over to their Instagram to see the full collection so far. 


Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"

Belle From "Beauty and the Beast"


Honestly, the only Beast I can think of is the one judging you by the body you want for yourself.

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Hercules from "Hercules"


Strength doesn't only come from your body. It also come from your identity.

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John Smith from "Pocahontas"


The feeling when you start seeing your real you.

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