Austin Wolf Deciphers The OnlyFans Outrage

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One Of Porn’s Greatest Moguls Speaks on OnlyFans’ Decision To Ban Sexualize Content LIVE!

If you haven’t heard, Pornhub’s damning competitor, OnlyFans, is about to see a huge drop in their revenue after making the strange decision to ban sexualize and pornographic content from their platform. The moment celebrities like Bella Thorne started joining OF it appeared the website was going to take a turn for the worst: Celebrity scam artists, moving away from more family-friendly content, and gaining a reputation as a pornographic website wasn’t their ideal gameplan. The ban of sexual content on the service means a lot of amateur or active sex workers could now be out of a job – and years of their homemade content wiped from existence. To be a true professional’s opinion, we reached out to our friend, the globally known Austin Wolf, to hear his take on the matter during a brief Instagram LIVE piece on Instinct Magazine’s official account.


Wolf chatted with us to discuss how unshocked he was that OF was moving towards more PG content. In fact, he’s almost been banking on it. During our conversation, Wolf once again spoke on his booming adult content website, 4My.Fans, which takes the sexualized content to a whole ‘nother level. It’s created by sex workers, for sex workers, and he guarantees current OF content creators won’t have to worry about their wallets being short changed. There’s a handful of OF-type websites coming up in headlines amid the recent surge of interest in providing content, but Wolf hasn’t had malicious allegations cast against him like the owner of another site. For those looking to switch employers, head here for more information.

Make sure to catch the full interview between our contributor, Mickey Keating, and Wolf below.

Writer’s Note A: This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine contributor and does not reflect the views of Instinct Magazine itself or fellow contributors.

5 thoughts on “Austin Wolf Deciphers The OnlyFans Outrage”

  1. Booming… he has been working on that go no where site for Y E A R S … Booming means rapid economic growth… ahhh something tells me otherwise.

    • Well, according to Mickey he’s the GREATEST, so of course, he must be BOOMING!!!, Darling. I mean, it’s not like Instinct would make stuff UP! Or just pass off OPINIONS as FACTS, that would be just too Fox News of them! Or maybe BuzzFeed!!!

  2. Listening to that dope talk was nauseating. Boo hoo cry me a river. If your wallet is hurting go find a real job or go walk up and down some dirty alley on your knees for change.


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