Sexual Assault Accusations Against JustForFans Owner Resurface

Images: Instagram @TannorReed & Twitter @DominicFord

After the announcement that OnlyFans will be banning adult content in October, sex workers and their fans are searching for a new site to inhabit. But one of the top contenders just got re-involved with a sexual assault accusation.

When OnlyFans announced the change, many looked toward JustForFans as the new site to frequent. Seeing this, JustForFans released a statement through its official Twitter account.

“The adult industry is sadly used to companies cutting their teeth on the adult market and then abandoning them once they reach critical mass. was founded and built by and for sex workers and its staff is 100% comprised of sex workers and people who have been in the porn industry for many, many years. We are a porn site. That will never change and we have no interest in ‘mainstreaming.’”

The company then added, “ is number two in traffic to OnlyFans, and we are well-poised to make sure adult content creators are not abandoned. We welcome them all to our website. We believe we have the most innovative platform out there, and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our community. We welcome everyone to check us out.”

But after JustForFans posted that statement, adult performer Tannor Reed reminded the internet that he once accused the website’s owner, Dominic Ford, of sexual assault.

“I came forward over a year ago about the owner of this company sexually assaulting me. He has been trying to sue my friend for defending me since,” Reed wrote on Twitter. “I will blame no sex worker for trying to live, but I am unable to associate with anyone who chooses to use this platform.”

Tannor Reed then added, “Additionally, no pictures or videos of me are to be published on JFF, under any circumstances. If we have filmed content together and you are switching to this site, please do not post our content. Thank you.”

Tannor Reed’s accusations against Dominic Ford started in June of last year. According to Str8UpGayPorn (caution: site NSFW), Reed detailed several experiences he had with Ford. He shared that Ford initially helped him pay off a debt that “urgently needed to be paid.” He then engaged in consensual sex with Ford in early 2019.

However, Reed also accused Ford of pressuring him to have sex and sexually assaulting him in May of 2019 while at an adult industry event in Miami, Florida. Reed also accused Ford of getting jealous and aggressive with a model that Reed was flirting with.

Images via Twitter @TannorReed

In response to Tannor Reed’s accusations, sex workers and Twitter users have expressed solidarity with Reed and the desire to look elsewhere.

One also brought up the fact that performer Justin Stone also accused Ford of physical and mental abuse last year.

Screenshot: Twitter
Screenshot: Twitter
Screenshot: Twitter

Dominic Ford and JustForFans have yet to comment on the resurfaced accusations.

Source: Str8UpGayPorn, The Sword,

4 thoughts on “Sexual Assault Accusations Against JustForFans Owner Resurface”

  1. Did Tanner Reed file a police report so that his allegations could be officially investigated? Not that I have scene or heard. The fact that he has not done that critical step, if he is serious about wanting justice, and to hold Ford accountable, would seem to indicate that he is not telling the whole story.

    Posting allegations of sexual assault on twitter is not how one gets justice and holds other accountable.

  2. Who knows if any of this is’s just social media noise. But why would he find it
    necessary to bleat that he won’t “associate” with anyone who chooses to use this platform”. Really ? who are you and who cares ?

  3. What needs to happen is everyone start standing up to the banking institutions, credit card companies, paypal, etc and say it’s OUR money and we can spend OUR money how we wish. Also, if all the creators get together and form their own company instead of using JustForFans or OnlyFans you’ll have control over your own product. The existing ride share systems started with that same type of energy, why not you creators?


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