Best Gay Music of 2017 – Who Made It To The Top 100?

What was your greatest gay anthem this year?  What we loved was that there was a great deal of wonderful songs to choose from.  With a year like 2017 behind us, we can look back and say wow, there's a lot of LGBTQ musicians out there and they are being heard.

GayMusicChart is a great YouTube channel that we love listening to.  They have a great weekly tally of top LGBT songs.  Yes, it does say G-A-Y but it covers us the whole rainbow.

When looking at the list, we were shocked to see Brendan Maclean with "Never Enough" at #99.  If this song was at 99, we were going to be in for a great recap. Sia's "The Greatest" popped in at #93.  There were a handful of "mainstream" singers and songs on the list, but that's it, just a splashing throughout the 100.

Calum Scott has warmed our hearts with his hits and "You Are The Reason"  pops in at #86.  Here is the lyrical video that we found very moving.



Popping through the list made us aware that we're going to have to learn what is going on in LP's "No Witness" at #79 for it really grabbed our attention. The group also appears a great deal on the count down so we may need to check out everything they are doing.

Number 78 "Shine" by Jay Arseno also got us in the spirit.

Featured in the Bear City 3 movie by Doug Langaway, Jay Arseno's song, Shine!, conveys a message of positivity and self-acceptance and is a call to stand up for what you believe in and be yourself, no matter what obstacles life may present.

Looks like a lot of bear fun!



Like LP, some of our other favorites pop up more than once, Kesha, Pink, Conchita, Troye Sivan, Tokio Hotel, Steps, Wrabel, Eli Lieb, Todrick Hall, Chester Lockhart, and there are a couple of songs titled "Love is Love."

Wrabel's "The Village" appears on the list at #12.  It hit us hard when we first watched it and posted – Wrabel Creates "The Village", A Powerful Response To Recent Anti-LGBT Politics.



Yes, we saw some of the well known names popped up often, but the top 10 are a refreshing list of artists that give us hope for the future of LGBT music.

Enough of my blah blah blah.  Here is GayMusicChart's Top 100 of 2017.



Did the list cover all the songs that spoke to your rainbow self?

Did they miss one?

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