But First… The 20 Hottest Men To Ever Compete On ‘Big Brother’

Credit: Caleb Reynolds Instagram

Big Brother has seen its fare share of hotties walk through its doors ever since the beloved CBS series debuted many moons ago. 

The show, which is rumored to be starting its 22nd season sometime next month to coincide with its 20th year on air, has given us a ton of memorable moments that die-hard BB fans will never forget (Dan’s “funeral”, Janelle winning HOH for the first time, Ian’s triumphant win, etc). 

The man candy is another reason why we tune in, both to the show and the live feeds which can sometimes provide us with a ton of NSFW content

We here at Instinct came up with an updated list of BB guys worth drooling over as there have been some new ones that have popped up on our radar since our first grouping was made 2 years ago.

Check out our top 20 hunks who have competed on Big Brother

Nick Maccarone: Big Brother 21

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams: Big Brother 20


Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat: Big Brother 20

Mark Jansen: Big Brother 19


Matt Clines: Big Brother 19

Paulie Calafiore: Big Brother 18

Victor Arroyo: Big Brother 18

Cody Calafiore: Big Brother 16

Caleb Reynolds: Big Brother 16

Howard Overby: Big Brother 15

Frank Eudy: Big Brother 14

Dominic Briones: Big Brother 13

Hayden Moss: Big Brother 12

Jessie Godderz: Big Brother 10 and 11

Dan Gheesling: Big Brother 10 and 14


Memphis Garrett: Big Brother 10

Will Kirby: Season 2 and Season 7

Kaysar Ridha: Big Brother 6 and 7

James Rhine: Big Brother 6 and 7

Jase Wirey: Big Brother 5 and 7

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