Bootylicious Leggings To Sculpt Your Butt & Everything In-Between


Whether you prefer wearing them for long-distance running or binge-watching Netflix, not all mens leggings should be treated equally. Why? Because there are actually some meggings that can sculpt your legs, butt and crotch.

We’re not advising you to stop popping squats, but you can still show off your best bod by using certain patterns, colors and styles to your advantage – no matter what size you are.

Similar to how dark clothing colors can make your figure appear thinner, the placement of prints and graphics can give the illusion of a more sculpted bottom. Some men’s compression pants are even designed with extra padding to boost the appearance of muscle mass. Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re trying to hide or enhance, like leaner legs or thicker thighs.

We’ve scoped out some trendy clothing websites, and found some bootylicious men’s tights and leggings exclusively on Differio. A popular site for sexy workout clothes, these are the meggings you’ll reach for whenever you want that sculpted, peach-emoji effect.  

1. Liquid Leggings in Glossy Black

Liquid leggings are all the rage and there’s good reason for the wet-look craze. These leather-look meggings are designed with shiny fabric for a high-definition highlighting effect. The crotch includes a zipper adding a bit of bulk that’ll contour your bulge.

2. Maskulo Muscle-Enhancing Mens Workout Tights

Maskulo is known for their fetish-inspired workout gear designed to enhance muscle definition. If you’re looking to pump up your quads or bulge, their muscle-enhancing workout tights will add instant volume with built-in thigh padding and a removable crotch enhancer.

3. Printed Workout Leggings In Black And Silver

If you’re looking for something that targets your quads and calves these printed workout leggings are a must. These black meggings are finished with metallic crosshatch graphics along the thighs and calves, which enhance the appearance of muscle tone in natural light.

4. Modus Vivendi Metallic Leggings In Black

Modus Vivendi is a popular go-to for sporty-meets-luxury men’s underwear, lingerie and activewear. These metallic leggings by Modus Vivendi are printed with metallic “full moons” to highlight the butt and crotch, which are also inspired by the silhouette of chaps.

5. Rainbow Leggings Pride Runner

For leaner legs and a more toned booty, try sports leggings with bright graphics that wrap around vertically. These rainbow leggings found on are especially great for highlighting the butt with contoured graphics that add shape and color against matte black spandex.

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