BREAKING! Paul Ryan May Not Seek Re-Election in 2018

Breaking news… and quite good news for the LGBTQ community.

Per The New York Post:

House Speaker Paul Ryan does not plan to seek re-election after his current term is up next year, a new report said Thursday.

The Wisconsin Republican and one-time vice presidential candidate — who first entered Congress in 1999 and was elected speaker in October 2015 — has told pals he’s had enough, Politico reported.

The website, citing interviews with three dozen associates, said Ryan was tiring of the job, but would not make a public announcement because he would lose power as a lame duck, making it even more difficult to enact President Trump’s stalled agenda

Whereas Paul may not be our biggest enemy, he wasn't exactly the best when it came to the fight for LGBTQ rights

Do you think he's making the right decision by stepping down?

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