Brita Recalls Her Amazing Night With Adele & Jennifer Lawrence

Credit: Brita Instagram

One of the most surprising things to happen in 2019 was when Adele and Jennifer Lawrence stopped by a popular gay bar in New York City. The LGBTQ community went berserk when many of the audience members at Pieces posted a bunch of social media clips of them not only interacting with the international superstars but witnessing their behavior as the evening went on.

Brita (more commonly known as Brita Filter), happened to be the drag talent during that cold night in March where she got up close and personal with the “Rolling in the Deep” singer while on stage. So what really went down outside of what millions of people saw online between she and the Grammy & Oscar winner? 


The NYC nightlife icon spoke with HollywoodLife about it all during her appearance at a specially designed event for the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 cast. The Emmy-winning reality series, which features Brita and 12 other contestants vying for the coveted crown, premieres tonight on VH1. 

“First it was Jennifer Lawrence,” Brita recalled about the evening. “She was there with a couple of her gays and she’s like out having a good time, drinking a light beer, and she went up to the bar and she’s like, ‘Give me something stronger.’”

“And then she’s like, “We’re here, we’re here to see you. We heard that you were the best.” She’s like, “My other friends are coming.'” she continued. “Other friends? I was thinking some other gays were coming. But it wasn’t. It was miss Adele. So I was shocked, but you know I’m an entertainer and I’m going to give them the same damn show to someone who has no money, to another who has a lot of money. So it was just amazing. It was incredible.”

Brita later revealed that Adele is a “good time gal” and someone that is “hilarious” and “down to earth.” She sure seems to act that way when out and about as the mother-of-one sang her heart out on stage at a friend’s wedding in London earlier this month and appeared to be in the best of spirits while doing so.

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