Britney’s BACK, Bitch!

Credit: Britney Spears Instagram

Good for Britney!

Britney Spears has made her comeback to music and she’s done it with a little help from her friend Elton John. The collaboration between the two artists, titled “Hold Me Close” dropped early on Friday and has already shot to the top of the music charts. The song is currently #1 in 35 countries, including England, according to TMZ.


Britney shared her feelings on the release through Twitter by writing, “Okie dokie … my first song in 6 years  !!!! It’s pretty damn cool that I’m singing with one of the most classic men of our time … @eltonofficial!!!! I’m kinda overwhelmed… it’s a big deal to me!!!”

The singer also noted how she’s trying to live a happier and healthier life.

“I’m meditating more and learning my space is valuable and precious,” she wrote. “I’m learning everyday is a clean slate to try and be a better person and do what makes me happy … yes I choose happiness today. I tell myself every day to let go of the hurt bitterness and try to forgive myself and others to what may have been hurtful.”


She added, “I want to be fearless like when I was younger and not be so scared and fearful. I pray there actually is truth to the Holy Spirit and I hope that spirit is with my children as well !!! Yes … I choose happiness and joy today!”

This song drop is the first time Britney’s released music in SIX YEARS! And according to TMZ, the singer was “heavily involved in the sound and the mixing” of the song.

The triumphant return also comes a year after Britney’s highly reported conservatorship battle. But since winning that fight, Britney has enjoyed many successes like her marriage to actor/model Sam Asghari.


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But that’s not the only pop music news happening this week. Madonna’s daughter, Lola Leon, also released new music this week. In her case, this was a musical debut. To go with the single, titled “Lock&Key,” the 25-year-old, under the stage name Lolahol, dropped a gothic-inspired music video.

Previously a music video choreographer and dancer for the Queens-based musician Eartheater, Lolahol is branching off into her own music career. And as she shared in an interview with Paper Magazine, Lolahol plans for her sound to be electronic and experimental.

“Exactly. I feel like anything I do would be an electronic, experimental vibe. You know? Dance music,” she said before adding, “A lot of the artists I like are already like that. I love Shygirl, I love Eartheater, I love Tirzah. I love all these girls that are singers, but these beats they’re singing on are just so good. And they’re making their own genre of music, so I’m not really sure how that would look.”


If you want to check out how that might look, you can watch the music video below.

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