Can You Rank Britney Spears’ Collaborations? I Can

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There will never be another act like Britney Spears. She is beloved by fans around the world and by the industry as a whole. No one has ever spoken a bad word about the singer, and big name talents are always dying to work with her.

This Friday, Spears returns on her own terms after almost three years and a bitter battle against her conservators. And she’s teaming up with another icon of music – Sir Elton John.

Elton John and Britney Spears are remaking John’s 1972 classic “Tiny Dancer.” Now going forward as “Hold Me Closer,” the remake will feature a new score and an original verse from the “Toxic” singer. 


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In preparation of her big comeback and the upcoming single drop, I ranked most of Spears’ collaborations. 

1. “Me Against the Music” Britney Spears featuring Madonna (2003) – This song should have been a bigger hit than it was, only reaching #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. Two absolute icons of pop together in one song. It’s still in my playlists almost 20 years later.


2. “I Feel So Free With You” Pitbull featuring Britney Spears and Marc Anthony (2020) – This song has never seen the light of day, but you can find it on YouTube. Rumor has it, Britney Spears was replaced by Camila Cabello because she didn’t fit the Latin pop market. Eventually, the song was abandoned altogether, which is sad because it’s extremely catchy.

3. “S&M” Rihanna featuring Britney Spears (2011) – Britney Spears’ last #1 is thanks to the remix of Rihanna’s hit song. My favorite part? Britney Spears covered the entire song by herself afterwards and you can find that version on YouTube as well! Sultry and in your face, this one’s sexy af.


4. “Slumber Party” Britney Spears featuring Tinashe (2016) – The Princess of Pop smoothly blends her signature genre with R&B and reminds the world how sexy she can be. The video is also a masterclass in filmmaking. Spears later forgot who Tinashe is and referred to her as ‘Tenasha’ on several occasions…

5. “Till the World Ends” Britney Spears featuring Nicki Minaj and Kesha (2011) – This song was already a huge hit when the remix came out with Minaj and Kesha on board. Plus, the video gives major ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ vibes.


6. “Tom’s Diner” Giorgio Moroder featuring Britney Spears (2015) – A little different than most of her catalog, this song is a remake of the 1987 hit. It’s more spoken word than singing and the backing track is digitally hypnotizing. Sometimes I keep it on repeat when I’m feeling an 80s vibe. 

7. “Pretty Girls” Britney Spears featuring Iggy Azelea (2015) – Yeah, the song is good, but the fallout is even better. Iggy Azelea criticized Britney online for failing to promote this one-off single (though we know why now, thanks conservatorship). Someone on Britney’s team responded to the rapper and criticized her lack of selling out venues with hashtag ‘You Want A Piece of Me’, a nod to her Vegas residency and another popular song.


8. “Matches” Britney Spears featuring Backstreet Boys (2020) – An unreleased bonus track from the ‘Glory’ album, this is pure pop perfection. If this was released in 2000, it would have been a global #1. N’Sync who? (namely Justin Timberlake)

9. “Scream & Shout” Will.I.Am featuring Britney Spears (2012) – I had this song on repeat when it first came out. Baby voice and now British voice? Sign me up! It was a pivotal part of my 2012-2013 road trip playlist. Unfortunately, I feel like it hasn’t aged well over time.


10. “Make Me” Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy (2016) – I always thought this was an odd choice as the lead single to the ‘Glory’ era since it sounds more like a filler track to me. Maybe that’s why it only peaked at #17.

**Honorable Mentions: “Boys” with Pharrell Williams, “SMS (Bangerz)” with Miley Cyrus and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful) with Sabi

Are you excited for Elton John and Britney’s “Hold Me Closer” this Friday?

What’s your favorite Britney collaboration? Comment and let me know!

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