Broadly Releases Documentary on Danica Roem’s Incredible Campaign

It's been an incredible ride for Danica Roem, who just became he first openly Transgendered State Legislator ever and is representing the great state of Virginia in doing so.  Her historic win has made waves all throughout the LGBT community and beyond, with thousands of people sharing messages of support for her, most notably former Vice President Joe Biden

Broadly, the women's site at VICE, got an in depth look at the final days of Danica's campaign, and her incredible team around her that helped get her to victory.  Diana Tourjee, Broadly's beat reporter covering on issues facing the trans community, spent the final 48 hours of Danica's campaign with exclusive access to the candidate, and the resulting documentary is an immersive, emotional piece that not only captures what it was like on the ground with the volunteers for the campaign but also what Danica's win means to transgender people across the country. 

The documentary starts with Danica giving her team a passionate speech about why she truly is the best candidate for the position, and leads all the way to her winning on election night.  What transpires in between her and Diana during showcases how much she loves her state of Virginia and what she plans to do to help better it, if elected.  Now she is, and her plans are set to motion.

You can see the documentary below.  Congrats again, Danica!

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