Brothers-In-Law Create Attainable Luxury Brand MONFRÈRE

photos supplied by MONFRÈRE

The family that works together…well you know the rest! In the case of brothers-in-law, Sean Rudes and Steven Dann, the very close friends, now family members took their shared passions for denim and acclaimed backgrounds in the fashion industry and created the luxury brand, MONFRÈRE.


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Named from the French words my brother MONFRÈRE “merges the refinement of storied designer houses with the effortless comfort of Los Angeles for pieces that define attainable luxury. The dynamic duo started the company on the West Coast and MONFRÈRE “brings together their legacies, their perspectives, their skill sets, and their talents to create something new and unparalleled.” Dann and Rudes,

“created a new class of denim that reflects their tireless mission to innovate and perfect products that are a signature mix of provocative and modern. Their hard work and decades of experience have culminated into a line that encompasses the highest quality garments, innovative fits and fabrics, and fashion-forward design. Their inspiring, resonant branding is aimed to satiate the most demanding of consumers and be recognized amongst a discerning global clientele.”


When asked about the collaborative process behind the latest collection Steven Dann explained that “there is really {more of} a collaborative process for the lifestyle that we are trying to achieve and break into.” He elaborated on the process by saying, 


“we are building him an essential wardrobe. We are giving him things he either does not have or he does not know he needs.”



The two things that make the perfect pair of jeans are exactly the two things that MONFRÈRE is known for: fit and fabric. With all the luxury brands on the market today, why choose MONFRÈRE? Dann believes,

“Because we give him something no one else does. We give him contouring we give him an incredible fabrication that is not on anyone else’s floor. It is exclusive to us. He feels confident, he loves the way the jeans fit him. Its modern but its not over the edge.”

As our conversation nears its end, the topic of advice comes up and Dann relayed a piece of advice he received early in his career that has stuck with him, 


“ALWAYS LISTEN. Be in the listening, because there are certain things that we all think we know and we believe in our conviction of that. But there are definitely ideas and thoughts that are brought up by others that are worth considering.”

MONFRÈRE works in partnership with top retailers worldwide including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Selfridges. Click here to visit their website.


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