Can Queens Stay Civil With $1K On The Line?

Screenshot via YouTube @Cut

Will Queens turn toxic when $1000 is up for grabs?

It’s all fun and games until there’s money involved and then the cattiness comes out. YouTube Channel Cut, which prides itself on creating games and social interactions where social groups compete over money or specific issues.

And in one of their latest videos, Cut films seven drag queens as they try to decide whom among them should win the cash prize. From rating poses to forming alliances, this video gets catty, then sweet, and then catty again. But simply, that just shows how easily friendships and pleasantry can crumble when there’s money involved.

Want to see how it all works out? (Or doesn’t)? Check out the Cut video below to find out.

This video is just the latest in Cut’s “1000 to 1” series. While a group of drag queens certainly got our attention and brought the drama in some parts, the other videos had their own drama to contend with.

Millenials to college students to complete strangers are asked to compete and vote over the winner of $1000. And we’re sure this is just the start of an ongoing series that will be just as popular as all the other shows Cut releases. To check out how all the other videos favored and who won among their respective groups, check out the playlist over through this link.

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