Can You Fast Track Divorce By Both Coming Out?

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One UK couple is getting a divorce… and they couldn’t be happier.

Scott and Jo Turner-Smith from Leeds have been been married for the past 13 months. And while the two are still very much in like with each other. They certainly aren’t in love. The reason being, they both have realized they’re gay.

Thanks to that realization, the splitting couple have signed a nullity petition. Scott, a 30-year-old former Tory councilor, came out on Twitter towards the end of August. In the tweet, he said:

“I’ve composed and deleted this tweet a thousand times, but here goes: I’m gay. Those I’ve told so far have been wonderful, and for that I’m more grateful than they know. It feels freeing to be able to be my whole self, and I’m excited to find out what’s next.”

Jo then retweeted Scott’s post just a day later with the comment, “We have had a hoot signing the nullity petition today – ‘invalid consent by mistake – turns out we are both gay’. Enjoy that, Judge. The screenplay will be out next year.”

The two then bantered online about the possibilities.

And according to The Sun, that banter is going on offline as well. Jo, a 25-year-old dentist, shares that she has already found a new romance with a junior doctor. And what’s great about Jo and Scott’s mutual breakup is that they have enjoyed time together (and with Jo’s new flame). The three have even joked about having a double wedding someday.

And who knows, with this buddy-buddy ex-couple, they just might.

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