Chris Mosier Gets His Own Nike Commercial Shown During Olympics.

Chris Mosier has already seen fame even before the Olympics started. We covered him in Transgender Duathlete Chris Mosier Is First To Appear Nude In ESPN Body Issue.  But now there's a lot more focus on him with this Nike commercial which aired tonight (August 8, 2016) during NBC's Olympic coverage. 



I thought it was a great commercial, inspiring no matter who was put in front of the camera, but knowing Chris's story, it did mean a lot more and was very emotional.

So if you were inspired by Nike and Chris's commercial, join the club.  We were too!  Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not full of smart accepting people.  If you want to see proof of this, head over to YouTube and read some of the uneducated comments.

We're with you Chris.  Make us proud!  Well, you already have.


Here are a couple of the comments found over on YouTube.  See if you can spot the positive one I copied.


Tbh it's unfair, compete with your real gender, keep mental illness out of sports thank you
I dint know they were allowed to advertise with female nudity? Shes pretty ripped and all buy if they start with one woman without her shirt on how soon will it be until nudity is everywhere? Youtube wouldn't let me skip this video.
Now, normally I'm not in to minority pandering, but this will be my exception. Something about the way that this short story was presented felt…genuinely uplifting. Thanks, Nike.
I'll just… burn my "Nike" shoes..
I am an idiot so can someone help me! was he trying to be a girl or was she trying to be a guy?


What do you think?