Clothing Fetishes That Actually Turn Us Men On

Fashion doesn’t have to be particularly sexy to turn some men on, especially if you have a fetish for clothing. When a person has a fetish, it’s more intense than your average sex fantasy because it’s not just a passing feeling of getting excited after watching porn. These people need these objects in order to get aroused, period. It’s hot, extreme, and more common than you might think.

According to Men’s Health, 1 in 6 people have a fetish, which can also be influenced by cultural norms and personal experiences. It’s not debilitating to a relationship and can even improve your sex life, as long as you and your partner are on the same page. Now you can even find fetish-driven apps, like Whiplr, where you can meet like-minded people with the same kinky desires.

Apart from dating apps, you can also tap into your fetish of choice with edgy clothing sold exclusively online at Differio. Although this isn’t a fetish-based site, they have plenty of sexy clothes for men that are safe for work and play. It just depends on how you style it, so feel free to get creative with your “day-to-night” outfits.

Believe it or not, here are the most common clothing fetishes that make men explode with pleasure.


Leather Fetish

Leather is already often associated with that bad-boy image, so it’s not surprising that this has landed on the fetish list. Anyone fixated on leather is most likely into bondage gear and BDSM. One of the most popular leather conventions is Mr. International Leather where men all over the world compete head-to-toe in bondage gear, like tall black boots, caged leather chest harnesses and studded gladiator cuffs.


Underwear Fetish

Similar to panty fetishism, the underwear fetish isn’t gender specific, so it also includes men’s underwear styles. These men get turned on by touching and stroking underwear, or seeing someone else in them, like a jockstrap peeking out of low-rise jeans. It doesn’t have to be designer underwear, but the Modus Vivendi collection of gay underwear on Differio is definitely bulge-worthy.


Dirty Jeans Fetish

Just the sight of slim fit jeans is enough to turn some guys on, but the dirty jeans fetish takes it even further. Kind of like panty sniffing, these men get excited just from touching, feeling and smelling denim that’s soiled in dirt, semen and anything else considered “dirty”. Some guys admit that this gets them so turned on that they can get off just by rubbing their junk on a pair of jeans.


See-through Fetish

The see-through fetish involves men that get excited by clothing made with sheer fabrics, like mesh and fishnet. Sheer clothing is generally seen as sexy because it exposes the skin in places that normally wouldn’t be revealed. Some claim to get off from mesh clothing because it reminds them of sexy men’s lingerie or even fishnet pantyhose.


 Sportswear Fetish

Some clubs require you to be dressed to the nines, and then there’s sportswear fetish night where the dress code includes sneakers and the party favors are jizz rags. If you have a sportswear fetish, you can’t get enough of mens workout clothes, like fitted bodysuits, cool hoodies and meggings. Maskulo is a go-to brand for erotic men’s activewear (sold exclusively on Differio) that looks hot, even if you’re not into the jock look.




Uniform Fetish

Whether it’s a military uniform, firefighter gear, or cowboy chaps, the uniform fetish involves almost every type of uniform in existence. However, just because you have a uniform fetish doesn’t necessarily mean you’re attracted to every type of uniform. It’s usually one specific outfit that turns these men, along with some type of role-playing during sex, like getting “checked out” by a doctor.

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