‘Big Brother’ Crowns A Smoking Hot Winner After a Very Dull Season

Credit: CBS

Cody Calafiore, arguably one of the hottest men on reality television right now, became a much richer person last night after he won Big Brother All-Stars.


The New Jersey native, who first competed on Big Brother six years ago where he took home the 2nd place prize, easily beat runner up Vincenzo “Enzo” Palumbo in a 9-0 vote determined by his fellow houseguests. 

Cody’s win is part of a season that many BB fans were initially excited about as it was the first time they did an All-Stars grouping in 15 years.

Unfortunately that excitement dampened quite a bit early on as the same alliance (The Committee) kept winning and evicting beloved players (Kaysar Ridha, Ian Terry, Janelle Pierzina) in the process.

It became a group mentality kind of deal compared to the older seasons where houseguests (for the most part) thought on an individual basis. Translation: we were bored as hell and let our feelings be known over and over again on social media. 


BBAS was so dull that it took 85 days for something truly shocking to happen with many happy that it did. Nicole Franzel, a previous winner, was evicted by her “ride or die” buddy Cody last night.

This was viewed as unexpected as it seemed like Cody was going to take her over Enzo but he was the one to put the final nail in the coffin for her which left the “social media influencer” in an emotional state throughout the evening. 

The 3-time player’s eviction was mostly applauded by the BB fanbase after she was destroyed on social media for her involvement in a controversial conversation about fellow competitor Ian Terry.


Several HG’s, led by Memphis Garrett, openly mocked Ian (who is autistic) for his self-soothing techniques like rocking back and forth on a hammock. Nicole was seen laughing about it while it took place even though she was apparently aware of his disorder. She lost a good chunk of her sponsors like Olay Skin as a result of her actions. 

Another fun moment that happened during the finale was when America’s Favorite Houseguest was revealed by host Julie Chen Moonves. Da’Vonne Rogers was the proud recipient of this honor as she won over Tyler Crispen and became the first African-American HG in the show’s history to score this prize. 

Julie also announced that BB will be back next year for its 23rd season. BBAS was delayed for months due to the Coronavirus pandemic (it usually premieres in June) before finally premiering in August. 

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