Colton Haynes Calls Out Homophobia In Hollywood


When Colton Haynes came out in 2016, the gays rejoiced. After fawning over him for years, we all wanted it to be true. When it was, we couldn't contain ourselves.

Haynes, who rose to fame on MTV's Teen Wolf and CW's Arrow, took to Twitter yesterday to speak out on homophobia in Hollywood. He talked about some of the issues he's faced since coming out. He said in his first tweet, "Hollywood is so f*cked up. So much of the focus is on your personal life & has nothing to do with the talent you have to bring to the table"

He then thanked the openly gay show runners of Teen Wolf, Arrow, and American Horror Story saying, "Thank god for Ryan Murphy, Greg Berlanti, & Jeff Davis. They believe gay actors are more than just their personal lives".

Haynes concluded with, "So disappointed in how Hollywood cant understand that playing a character has nothing to do with how u live your personal life"

Billy Eichner responded on Twitter with an "AMEN" and Andy Mientus, from the tv show Smash, liked the tweet and responded with "I'm afraid I know exactly what you're talking about. Be strong, brother."

This isn't the first time Colton has spoken on the homophobia he's faced in Hollywood. He's been pretty open since coming out about past managers telling him to hide his sexuality, and even trying to paint the narrative that he was straight. Speaking of past managers, he's gone on record as being told, "You will never work in this town if people know."

Haynes also isn't the first actor to call out homophobia in Hollywood, and more than likely will not be the last. Anyone who's followed Colton, knows he can act. In recent years, there has been more and more out actors and actresses, and more LGBT folk piloting and producing shows and films. It doesn't seem that all the problems have been resolved, such as Hollywood still refusing to cast trans people in trans roles. Hopefully Hollywood will continue to make moves that reduce the homophobia people face there. 



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  1. Naming names–praising show runners as above, so that the public and LGBTQ allies can support those shows that are open and supportive while ostracizing those that are not.

  2. You know, I find it amazing

    You know, I find it amazing that if such discrimination occurred in any other industry or field, the gay press, and the gay community at large, would be up in arms.  There would be supportive tweets from celebrities and hashtags to end such discrimination would abound.  Look how we collectively lose our sh*t when some obscure florist or baker refuses to service a same-sex wedding in some flyover part of the country.  However, whenever the subject of LGBTQ discrimination in Hollywood or the entertainment industry at large comes up, there is not much of anything said.  No condemning articles (they actually tend to be more neutral in tone like this one).  No fire and brimstone activism opposing these practices.  No naming of names and shaming of producers.  Instead, we only get the usual platitudes:  "Roles should only go to the best actors" or "Hollywood is a business first" or "I don't care about what they do in their private life" etc.  And these platitudes are problematic in and of themselves, but that's the subject for a different post.  Unless we in the community change our attitudes about this and unless the LGBTQ press change how they cover this, LGBTQ celebrities will continue to hide in the closet, openly LGBTQ performers will continue to be denied roles for which they do deserve, and queer youth will continue to get the message that if they want to get ahead in life they need to deny who they are.   

  3. You learn to pick you battles

    You learn to pick you battles. This will cost you. Some times it's best to wait for the right time.


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