Coregasms – Men Are Having Climaxes While Working Out At The Gym.

Some guys get excited to go to the gym.  Working out, sweating, pumping, thrusting, pulling, lunging, can get the juices flowing.  Apparently some men get all of their juices flowing, ending up in an orgasm in the gym while working out.  Really?


Through her research, [Men’s Health Sex Professor Debby Herbenick, Ph.D.] found that 10 percent of women and men have climaxed from exercising. 

The guys in her studies reported getting off while doing situps and pullups, lifting weights, climbing ropes, and running. 

The crazy thing is coregasms don’t have to involve any thoughts about sex or friction on your genitals. They often seem to result solely from working your abdominal muscles, says Herbenick, author of the new book The Coregasm Workout: The Revolutionary Method for Better Sex through Exercise.

Scientists haven’t yet figured out how that’s possible. Some theories involve stimulation of internal body parts, like nerve pathways, that are associated with orgasm, Herbenick says. 

Most guys who have experienced the phenomenon describe the climaxes as more intense than the ones they have when masturbating, but less awesome than when they’re with a partner. Oddly enough, many men have coregasms without ever having an erection. 

This isn’t something we’d necessarily recommend trying to achieve—at least not in a public gym. Exercise-induced orgasms often involve ejaculation, says Herbenick, and that could obviously get messy. 

But if you do feel a coregasm coming on, you can prevent it by stopping whatever exercise you’re doing, she says. –

Ok guys, has this happened to you? 

Have you had some nocturnal nautilus emissions?

Have you let that O face fly as you do a pull-up?

Or is this all a little too wacky?



What do you think?