Coregasms – Men Are Having Climaxes While Working Out At The Gym.

Some guys get excited to go to the gym.  Working out, sweating, pumping, thrusting, pulling, lunging, can get the juices flowing.  Apparently some men get all of their juices flowing, ending up in an orgasm in the gym while working out.  Really?


Through her research, [Men’s Health Sex Professor Debby Herbenick, Ph.D.] found that 10 percent of women and men have climaxed from exercising. 

The guys in her studies reported getting off while doing situps and pullups, lifting weights, climbing ropes, and running. 

The crazy thing is coregasms don’t have to involve any thoughts about sex or friction on your genitals. They often seem to result solely from working your abdominal muscles, says Herbenick, author of the new book The Coregasm Workout: The Revolutionary Method for Better Sex through Exercise.

Scientists haven’t yet figured out how that’s possible. Some theories involve stimulation of internal body parts, like nerve pathways, that are associated with orgasm, Herbenick says. 

Most guys who have experienced the phenomenon describe the climaxes as more intense than the ones they have when masturbating, but less awesome than when they’re with a partner. Oddly enough, many men have coregasms without ever having an erection. 

This isn’t something we’d necessarily recommend trying to achieve—at least not in a public gym. Exercise-induced orgasms often involve ejaculation, says Herbenick, and that could obviously get messy. 

But if you do feel a coregasm coming on, you can prevent it by stopping whatever exercise you’re doing, she says. –

Ok guys, has this happened to you? 

Have you had some nocturnal nautilus emissions?

Have you let that O face fly as you do a pull-up?

Or is this all a little too wacky?



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  1. Total pain in the arse TBH. First happened when I was too young to know WTF was going on, but from chin ups or rope climbing or some shit at school. Still happens to this day (mid-30s) within the first few minutes of any such exercise, always wet and always unwelcome and a pain in the arse to either deal with or have to stop the exercise.

  2. found this at age 47 .  wish

    found this at age 47 .  wish I had found it sooner.  had to go numb first .   did exercises not related to coregasm to get numb like 500 lb leg press .  chest press machine at max I can push.  then things that work abs, angled pulldown lat / back machine with more weights than I weigh, using my knees to keep myself from getting lifted off the ground this activated the abs.  then when at full numb sensation twenty minutes of getting to a sweat go to the nautilus nitro ab crunch machine seat at 2 inches below the backrest weight 110 to 155 sets of 20 until the pain turns to sex tingle then pump as hard as possible and dont stop. remember to breath.  more experimentation needed to get it to last longer than 3 minutes .  had 3 coregasms total ever, but its repeatable. the orgasm is better than jacking off by a long ways .  better than some sex and similar but not as rough as or as long lasting as getting fisted . nothing beats fisting.  coregasms are amazingly good its worth the effort.  coregasms are real !

  3. About 6 weeks ago, I started

    About 6 weeks ago, I started having coregasms after taking deep, slow breaths and pelvic floor muscle flexing while exhaling, just as an experiment. I've since been able to bring them on at will, with or without manual stimulation , AND ejaculate when I want to! So far, the longest session I've had was about 3 hours long, and I have to tell you that my abs were sore! I'm talking roughly 3 orgasms PER MINUTE! I still can't believe it's happening to me!

  4. Guy here, At age five I was

    Guy here, At age five I was swinging between two rails holding my legs up towards my chest when I had this great feeling in my crotch.  After that I continued to do it regularly not having any idea what it was except it was a very enjoyable feeling.

    One day when I was about 13 and had just started puberty but did not know about masturbation, I was doing this in the nude and this small amount of what was a white fluid oozed out of my penis.  As I then realised what it was, I kept on doing it and the quantity of semen quickly became a lot larger and it became a full on ejaculation. It never induced an erection just a slight swelling of my penis.

    At high school during gym classes, I had to be very careful to wear two pairs of underpants just in case during chin-ups and some other exercises would bring it on.  The worst thing with chin-ups was that your ability to continue doing the exercise while ejaculating was very difficult and caused a few problems from teachers wanting to know why I stopped.

    As I got older I used it to get myself off quickly and the volume and intensity of the ejaculation was phenomenal.  I could feel the almost crunching feeling as the semen was pushed through my crotch.  It never brought on an erection just a slight swelling of my penis.

    My Mum once picked up my underpants to wash them which I had not hidden or washed myself and after my embarrassed and stumbling answer to her question of  why they were soiled,  she never asked again!

    Until I discovered masturbation and girls I regularly used it to get myself off and it produced much more semen and crunch of feeling than either masturbation or even ejaculation during sex.  Of course sex was many times better.

  5. Hi and help with sensible

    Hi and help with sensible advice please 😉

    Recently I've noticed that when flexing my abdominal I have a very pleasing  feeling around  my belly….funny to say I have ASMR as well. 

    With my corgasm i reckon is a lack of vitamins or food in general as i do eat almost nothing.

    It's  a real thing and it's not a boner but feeling of uforia and extasy!

    its weird as i can control both asmr and coregasm and sometimes i over do it to the point of chest pains.

    help, advise 😉

  6. Once i was having trouble

    Once i was having trouble falling asleep so i started doing Pilates type an exercises and leg lifts…. after i started feeling muscle soreness kick in,  i also felt that familiar tingle down there without any thought or stimulation… i was like "what the hell?" And burned right through the fatigue and orgasmed completely without an erection. I was completely amazed and confused! Talk about motivation to exercise! 


  7. I was 17 and we joined the

    I was 17 and we joined the gym as a  family. I was assigned a personal trainer who was just a little older than me and a total meathead jock.  Oh my first day he had me doing 'circuit' training:  fast 10 reps on machine, then running, then more reps, then push ups, then running.  I made to the last machine, the leg press. I ran, jumped on it and did one rep then two.  He stood next to me holding my knees down cheering me on.  He was last one buddy! Push! And I was like oh my fucking God and I shot my load in my shorts. I wasn't even erect maybe a little bit of a chub. It felt crazy good and then I was embarrassed and freaked the fuck out.  I just looked at him he was like fuck yeah man you got your first workout nut high five.  My shorts were wet he was like I'll just lone you a pair to get home. I was embarrassed to get up and he said there's nobody here who isn't cool. As we walked to locker room we passed two other trainers he was like my boy here got his workout nut.  I was mortified they were proud. 

  8. First way I masturbated.

    First way I masturbated. Started w/ pull-ups in gym, an adrenaline rush that felt "special". Later I started doing pull-ups (w/ core engagement) at home for the feeling, and then one day…spooge. woah. Was a couple years before I learned the normal method.

  9. i have gone swimming when i

    i have gone swimming when i was young and while swimming very hard i achieved a erection which lead to a coregasm


  10. How the hell can I do this?!

    How the hell can I do this?! This could motivate me to exercise more and masturbate less…

  11. I’ve been pretty coregasmic

    I've been pretty coregasmic since I was 25 lol.  I'm 46 now, and coregasms still happen almost as often. They are extremely intense and longggg, just as intense as a full-on prostate orgasm.  They are also dry orgasms too, so there's no mess, hah.  I certainly don't do anything to stop them, and I always say bring it on!

  12. I climax when I’m climbing a

    I climax when I'm climbing a wall for some reason. It started when I was climbing ropes in gym class. I have a buddy who climbs with me that goes through the same thing, just not as often. I figured it was a normal thing. 

  13. Climbing on a pole used to do

    Climbing on a pole used to do it to me as a kid. I can still remember the feeling. No ejaculate, but intense. But, that was many years ago. I haven't tried to climb a pole in decades. 

  14. It’s true.  Climbing a rope

    It's true.  Climbing a rope or pole does it to me every time.  Always has ever since I was a teenager. 


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