Costa Rica Is Creating New Decrees For LGBTQ Rights

Carlos Alvarado, Costa Rica’s President, has signed multiple ordinances that give rights and protection for LGBTQ people.


According to AFP, Alvarado signed several decrees into law this past Friday. Some of these decrees include allowing same-sex couples the same allowance for housing that low-income families receive, recognizing gay couples that consist of mixed nationalities, extending recognition of the gender identities of migrants, and more.

Costa Rica has been making a larger effort to support it’s LGBTQ citizens as of late. For instance, Costa Rica’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage this Summer, and a directive from Alvarado ordered the government to recognize the gender identities of transgender citizens earlier this year.

"We are recognizing that there are some rights enjoyed by the majority of the population, while others don't enjoy those rights," said Alvarado.

"What these measures are doing is implementing the equality that was missing."

h/t: AFP

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