Courtney Act Schools Us On Gender Identity 101 in New Video

We first got to know (or many of us) Courtney Act almost four years ago, when she came all the way from Australia to the United States and competed on RuPaul's Drag Race, where she made it all the way to the top three with Adore Delano and eventual winner Bianca Del Rio.  

In the years since then, she has remained very relevant and popular, and on top of that is becoming a bit of a professor in her own right with a new video that she just came out with.

In a new MTV tutorial video, Courtney schools all of us on gender identity 101.  In addition to explaining the differences between gender and sex, she clarifies gender identity vs. gender expression and popular millennial terms like cis gender, transgender (not transgendered), intersex, and what it means to identify as gender fluid, as Courtney Act does. She also argues on the importance of respecting a person’s preferred pronoun. 

You can find the video link here.  What are your thoughts on this important topic?

2 thoughts on “Courtney Act Schools Us On Gender Identity 101 in New Video”

  1. I don’t agree with him.

    I don't agree with him. Gender and sex are pretty much the same in meaning. Gender is not a feeling; it's a biological reality. If you ask me what being a man feels like as opposed to being a woman I could not give an answer. The closest answer could be hw my whole being is operated by testosterone perhaps…

    I have nothing against transgender people and if they desire to transition after being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and there is nothing else to alleviate their dysphoria, but I don't agree with the obsession there is with minimal differences in gender expression.

    Just because a man is not stereotypically masculine doesn't mean he is a different gender; he is male regardless.



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