Daniel Newman Says “Put A Ring On It” And He’ll Bottom

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In case anyone wanted to know, this former Walking Dead star is throwing his info out for the world to see.

Daniel Newman is no stranger to the good ol’ thirst trap. In fact, he’s become known for sharing suggestive content on the internet since coming out as bisexual back in 2017. But this time, the actor isn’t sharing a suggestive photo. Instead, he posted an upfront tweet about his sexual preferences.


The info sharing started when Newman responded to an 8:30 AM EST tweet by entertainment news editor Daniel Falconer. A Twitter user then asked Newman if the actor had stayed up late or woken up early. Newman responded with a joke that he’s a bot and the Twitter user replied back “Bot(tom).” That then led to a quick, “Nah” response from Newman before following up with his very public announcement.




“I’m a TOP. I’m too lazy to bottom!” Newman wrote. “Lol. Maybe if I got married. But I’m also always super attracted to Tops so I guess whoever is strong enough and can pin down the other wins that night.”


This is the first time that news sources have heard from Newman since he went to the emergency room for COVID-19 symptoms. At the time, he was unable to get tested. It’s good to know that he’s feeling better enough to joke around with strangers online. He’s even willing to put himself out there like never before. And again, this is a man who’s used to putting himself out there.





Jokes aside, we’re glad to hear from Daniel Newman again. And we’re sure there are Walking Dead and/or Newman fans who are glad to hear of his latest confession.

3 thoughts on “Daniel Newman Says “Put A Ring On It” And He’ll Bottom”

  1. Hey come to Canada when the covid 19 is settled and go on a date. Challenge accepted. We can read on the beach and cuddle in a hammock.

  2. Thirst Trap King?
    Let’s raise the bar Instinct, my entire instagram feed is filled with models way sexier. A tip for Mr. Newman if you ever want a longterm boyfriend or husband, you need to offer more than 1 position sexually. “What one bitch won’t do another bitch will.” His strategy is a recipe to stay single while serial dating unable to figure out why nothing lasts. lol


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