DC to Receive GLSEN Visionary Award

The  Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Entertainment Network (GLSEN)plans to honor DC Entertainments in October for it's visibility of LBGT characters.

The Visionary Award will be given due to what GLSEN says is "a commitment to showcasing diverse storylines" The award will be given at GLSEN's Respect Awards ceremony.

Executive Director Eliza Byard stated "DC’s commitment to representing LGBTQ characters in all forms of media is both incredibly important and empowering."

Among the DC's characters mentioned were Batwoman as "the first lesbain super hero as a comic lead" and Batgirl's Alysia Yeoh as comic books' "first trans character." Other characters named were Midnighter, Catwoman, and Renee Montoya.

DC President, Diane Nelson, said, "At DC, we are committed to telling stories that reflect and inspire our diverse audience and we look forward to celebrating with the LGBTQ students and activists from across the country."

Always having been a fan of the DC world, I am excited to see them get the award for their hard work in bringing LGBT superheroes to life. 

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