Does the Drag Race Fan Base Still Not Give Trinity the Tuck Enough Credit?

I’ll admit it that I wasn’t too big of a Trinity the Tuck (or Trinity Taylor) fan during her time on season 9. I found her attitude on the show to be a tad harsh when it came to how she worked with the other girls, her treatment of rival Eureka and just her overall demeanor as the episodes progressed.

There was also this part of me that was elated when Peppermint, who had been somewhat in the middle the entire time on RPDR that season, took Trinity out in the first ever lip sync for the crown battle. Maybe I’m biased because I’m from New York City (as is Peppermint) or because I always root for the underdog, but it was something that I enjoyed seeing that finale night.

My opinion on her has done a complete 180 ever since due to how incredibly well she’s done on All Stars 4, to the point where I want to smack myself across the head for my skepticism and somewhat delusional mindset early on.

There are a lot of reasons why Trinity is fantastic, yet I still feel as if the Drag Race fanbase is sleeping on her all this time later which is frustrating.

All Stars 4 has been its most unpredictable yet. AS2 and AS3 were sort of one-note with the same queens winning week after week, however it’s a different ball game this time around where a lot of the girls are at the top one week and at the bottom the next. Someone who has stayed consistent throughout (so far) has been Trinity, and there’s a reason for this.

For one… she’s underestimated. The consensus from what I see on the interwebs is that it’s a Manila Luzon vs. Valentina type of battle that everyone is focusing on, as many people think it will be them in the end.

It’s a good thought given how much of a fight that will be for the crown (more than any other All Stars season), but shouldn’t Trinity be thrown in there as well? She’s done stellar this entire time, excelling in every aspect when it comes to her fashion game and comedic timing.

Her impression of Caitlyn Jenner was so spot on that it ranks as one of the best Snatch Game impersonations in the history of this show. No one in that group could really compete with her, which only made it that much more thrilling to watch.

Not only that, but Trinity has an IDGAF attitude about it all which is SO NEEDED for this show. I am so sick of seeing queens put on an absurdly nice act so they can win fans over in the long run. Trinity has never been that. She’s been bold, in your face, and up front about every single situation in both her seasons.

I think it’s fabulous when a queen doesn’t have to edit herself in order to draw in a bigger audience. Trinity being who she is has done that already, and I hope she never makes an apology for who she is. Consider her to be the Cardi B of drag in this type of way.

Am I rooting for Trinity to win All Stars? Yes, but she’s not the only one I would like to see win the crown. Ultimately, I’m just happy for how she’s done so far, and I hope that the Drag Race audience will eventually come around (if they haven’t already) to the fact that she’s become a legend in her own right with how well she’s performed both on and off the show.

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