Drag Queen Happy Hour. Increasing The Visibility Of Being Different

Hatred and bigotry can begin and be taught at an early age.  Acceptance can also begins at an early age. My niece is allergic to everything under the sun and there was a time that they thought she was allergic to the sun, too.  She knows she is different and that seems to be a plus for her and her outlook.  One of her teachers stated that she was a blessing to have in class, especially to one of the other students who was a little different than others. Her teacher said that she embraced the new and challenged student into the classroom when other students were a little stand-offish. 

Knowing that people are different and it's okay to be different may be one of the goals of Drag Queen Story Hour. Thanks Vice.com for sharing this quick little video about an hour long activity that could have a huge life long impact on all involved.




When I was out on New Years Eve night at The Front Porch Restaurant and Piano Bar in Ogunquit, Maine and sitting at the downstairs bar with one of my favorite bartenders in the world, Matt French, we started chatting up a straight couple behind us.  You could cut their Boston accents with a knife and I loved it. 

We talked about their trips to Provincetown and Ogunquit and how they loved both towns.  John, the cute Mass man that he was, opened up about how he was the most homophobic thing out there.  He said that all changed when a gay couple moved next door when he was a kid, he got to know them, and now he's having dinner in one of the gayest towns in the nation at a predominantly gay establishment and chatting up two gay men.

This is one of the biggest things we have going for us. Young people are living amongst us and realizing we are human beings, too. 

h/t: Vice.com

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