Drag Queens Help Celine Announce World Tour

Celine Dion announces world tour with help from Vegas drag queens (screen capture)
Celine Dion announces world tour with help from Vegas drag queens (screen capture)

Living in Las Vegas, this writer has grown accustomed to pop superstar Celine Dion being Sin City’s longest-running resident diva.

A New Day, her first residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which ran from March 2003 to December 2007, is the most successful residency of all time grossing over $385 million. The 717 performances were attended by nearly 3 million people.

She took a break, but came back to Caesars Palace for a second residency, titled Celine, in March 2011.

That production will end on June 8, 2019, as she departs for her first North American tour in over a decade to support her upcoming new album, Courage.

To announce the news of the Courage World Tour, the 51-year-old singer enlisted some help from other Las Vegas ‘divas’ for a video.

In the clip, Celine is heading out of Sin City in a sixteen-wheeler with an Elvis impersonator marrying a couple, along with a senior still clicking away at a slot machine.

But when the big-rig truck breaks down, thankfully “Tina,” “Diana,” “Barbara” and a Celine queen look-a-like show up right in the nick of time.

Celine and her band climb into the queens’ vehicle, and the international recording artist is soon serenaded all the way to Los Angeles with a medley of her hits.

Diana, Tina & Barbra help out (screen capture)
Diana, Tina & Barbra help out (screen capture)

The video is cute, it’s kitschy, and a fitting ‘so long’ to Vegas.

The new album, Courage, is expected to drop sometime in November.

The Courage World Tour will launch on September 18 in Quebec City, and will play in over 50 cities through April 2020.

Click here for tour info, and you check out Celine and the queens below.

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