Dustin Lance Black’s Memior To Be A Docu Film

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If you wanted to know more about Dustin Lance Black, here’s your chance.

Back in April of this year, tv writer and producer Dustin Lance Black released his book memoir titled Mama’s Boy: A Story From Our Americas. The book recounts the stories of Black’s childhood in the American South. Black shares several personal stories such as his relationship with his mother, a fighter against polio with an iron will. Black states that his strong sense of will and optimism comes from her. He then shares his journey of realizing that he is gay and dealing with that while living in a devout Mormon family. The novel then follows his life up to the point of becoming the Oscar-winning writer of the film Milk.


And now just a few months after that book’s release, a movie version of the book has been announced.

According to Deadline, Laurent Bouzereau, the director of Netflix’s World War II documentary Five Came Back and upcoming HBO doc Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind, has gotten the rights to create a feature-length documentary version of Dustin Lance Black’s memoir.


Mama’s Boy is one of those books that speaks a universal language,” Bouzereau said. “Even though I come from a different background, I completely identified with Lance’s inspiring journey. It also felt immediately cinematic, and a story I wanted to explore visually. This will make for a fantastic, powerful and timely documentary.”

Black himself shared similar excitement at the proposed project.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to place our family’s story in Laurent’s extremely capable hands,” Black said. “My hope is that he will shine a bright light on the unexpected ways some in our family built ‘impossible’ bridges across great political divides.”

Right now, meetings are underway to collect investors and distributors, but Bouzereau is aiming at releasing the film in late 2020.

Sources: Deadline

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