‘Eastsiders’ Kit Williamson Posts Super Sexy Shirtless Photo!

Actor Kit Williamson has been making our hearts (and other areas) pitter-patter for the better part of the last decade, with his roles in Mad Men and the critically-acclaimed EastSiders, the latter of which was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award last year.  The third season is slated to be released this fall. 

His classic good looks helped him fit right into both shows very easily, and he always seems to post quite the studly photos of himself on his very popular Instagram account.  

His most recent post shows the chiseled star (and fellow member of our LGBT community), shirtless on the side of a street, and I must say, he looks darn good doing it.  He also is the perfect combination of scruffy and smooth, which further elevates just how hot he is.

Need a reason to get through a dull Tuesday?  Kit to the rescue!  Here's pic and a link to his Instagram.


Travel day! So here’s a shameless shirtless picture

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