Emotional Moment For Kesha As She Performs Live For Audience

Kesha fans rejoice. This past weekend Kesha performed brand new music in front of fans for the first time in years. Kesha had been in a public battle to be free from her producer, Dr. Luke, over his alleged sexual misconduct with her. She wanted to be free of his influence and get out of her contract with Sony. While she was not able to get out of the contract, Kesha has written a new album and released her first single earlier this summer, "Praying."

The emotion in the video shows just how important this is to Kesha. In the video she says "I just want to thank you guys." before choking up. She then her new song "Woman." As expected, her fans rallied behind her, supporting her now just as much as they did during her struggle the last few years.

Watch the emotional video below:

Kesha's new album, Rainbow, is out August 11.

H/T: Gay Star News



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