EXCLUSIVE! Aja Talks All Stars 3, Not Fitting The Mold, and… Nutterscotch?

Aja is a ball full of energy that this particular writer can never get enough of. The Brooklyn native was a pretty big name here, in and out of the five boroughs, prior to her appearing on season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

She didn’t do as well as she would have hoped for in her initial season (she admitted this herself), but came back one year later to compete on All Stars 3. It was here that she received her true redemption and excelled at many of the challenges presented to her, notably the variety show in the premiere episode and asCrystal Labeija in Snatch Game.

Now with almost a million followers on her very popular Instagram page, endless touring gigs and making a name for herself both on and off the Emmy-award winning show, Aja has pretty much become a superstar in her own right based on how much of a hard worker she really is.  

She was one of the many girls from RPDR who were in attendance at DragCon NYC last weekend, where the hilariously interesting charismatic character spoke with me one on one about AS3 and so much more. Take a look.

We are very proud of you for All Stars. Some of us think you should’ve lasted longer.

I agree! I will not stop you. I feel like, you know it’s just how the cookie crumbles. And I feel like nobody expected me to do well which I think is ironic, honestly because I think, no I know I’m an artist of quality. Sometimes you just don’t fit the mold, and it’s ok because I don’t need to fit that mold because I know that I fit my own mold and the mold that I want to go for. Either way, I walked away from such a beautiful experience and great platform with a good mindset.

How do you think your soup tastes from the Andy Warhol episode?

The one that everyone said… ‘I’m not sweet?’ Girl, I’m the sweetest person I know! Also my aesthetic at the time was very colorful, very Kawaii inspired.

What was your reaction when BenDeLaCreme eliminated herself?

Girl, I was like, “Werk!” I don’t know how to explain it, like when you’re there, you don’t give a f**k. Like I was like, “Girl I don’t give a s**t.” People were like, “Were you upset that you didn’t come back?” and I said “I thought it was wrong that I didn’t come back but I don’t care.” Whether I went home first, won, went in the middle or not, I got to do something that a lot of people don’t get to do. You know what, even if I didn’t go on All Stars, I still would have found a way to win audiences over.

If I were a drag queen my name would be Peppermint Fattie. Have you ever thought of a name that wasn’t Aja?  

Oh that’s hilarious. I really want to see like, a really slutty bronzed queen and make her name Nutterscotch instead of Butterscotch.



You and your boyfriend did really well on the WoW (World of Wonder) series Couples for Cash. Did you both study ahead of time?

You want to know something? He was sitting there like “We need to practice” and “We need to study”, then he was the one f***ing up and getting a lot of the questions wrong! I was like, “Babe… you shouldn’t have been worried about me!”

For more information on Aja, check out her official website.  

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