EXCLUSIVE with Model, Life Coach & All-Around Beautiful Man Bruno Alcantara

Credit: Bruno Alcantara

Facts are facts (quoting Monique Heart here)… Bruno Alcantara is an absolutely gorgeous man. There’s no doubt about that. Many would recognize him as one of the smoking hot pit crew members on season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race but he has an amazing history that goes beyond the Emmy-winning reality television show. 

Bruno sat down with us at Instinct Magazine to talk about his incredible journey to where he is now that includes an unforgettable moment with the one and only Madonna. He also dished on finding love, his path to discovering his sexuality and what his bright future looks like. 

Credit: Bruno Alcantara

Your Instagram bio has you as a jack of all trades. You’re a life coach, massage therapist, event producer and reality television star. Does one stick out more than the rest?

I believe that we are not just one thing, we all have different facets and I try to explore that in my life. But whatever you do if it makes you happy, if you do it well, with your heart and help or improve people’s lives in some way, I think it’s valid. As I love people and attention, my intention is to dedicate most of my time to acting and my life coach business.

Let’s talk about your physique which is out of this world incredible. Have you always been in this kind of shape or was it a slow build (no pun intended)?


Haha. Thank you for that. I was actually really skinny until I was 15. I never felt attractive or beautiful, I was not in the beauty patterns, even though I grew up with a lot of love and good self-esteem. But at some point I wasn’t totally happy with the way I looked and I decided to change my body. Luckily I have good genetics and that helped me too. But It was a process, and I did put a lot of energy into it. I did it and I believe anyone can do it.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of your job and time at the gym? 

I feel great being at the beach and getting some sun. Traveling is always nice, getting to see new places, meet new people and try new food. I love working on personal growth through meditation, spirituality and self-help books and shows. I just discovered Gaia TV and I’m having a lot of fun with it. But I am also really social, I like meeting friends, going to bars, and I like cooking too. Oh, and lately I am REALLY enjoying my sleep. 

A good portion of our followers would love to know if you are dating or seeing someone. If dating, what kinds of guys and characteristics do you go for?


Yes, I’ve been in a relationship for over 2 years now. He’s amazing. I think the energy is an important part of the dating game, connection and attraction also play its part. I don’t have an exclusive type, even though I do have a weakness for blonds, it all comes down to connection.

Credit: Bruno Alcantara

What has your overall experience been like in the LGBTQ community? Do you have a favorite or proud moment that sticks out more than the rest?

I grew up in a really religious environment so it was a shock to realize that I didn’t fit in that “perfect model”. Luckily when I came out my mom supported me, but I was still too conservative and very judgmental.


Slowly life started to bring me closer to the community, giving me opportunities to work with LGBTQ icons like Madonna and RuPaul which absolutely affected me in a positive way as gay man. There is a moment that I will remember forever, when I got to dance with Madonna at the Amsterdam concert during her Rebel Heart Tour. It was magical to be so close to her celebrating love, celebrating being your unapologetic self to the sound of “Unapologetic Bitch”.

A lot of people know you from RuPaul’s Drag Race as one of the deliciously yummy pieces of eye candy known as The Pit Crew. What has it been like to be part of the Emmy-winning series? 

I admire RuPaul very much for his talent, intelligence and his message to the world. Being on the show gave me an opportunity to get to know and respect the drag world, as this beautiful platform of art, entertainment, expression, self-acceptance and diversity that brings people together in the name of love. So I am proud and grateful to be in a such a successful show that has changed me as a gay man and allows me to receive so much love from all around the world.

Credit: Bruno Alcantara

Finally, what is your biggest professional goal in life and how do you plan on achieving it?  

I want to expand my life coaching business to be able to help even more gay men that want to reconnect to self-love. That’s something that I see a lot of value in and I’m passionate about.

I would also like to explore and have more opportunities as an actor. And be opened to whatever more life brings me. Speaking English was my dream when I moved here 6 years ago. I believe anything is possible.

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