Fallon and Buttigieg Slow Jam The News.


Jimmy Fallon has a variety of skits on The Tonight Show that he goes to for comic relief.  One of our favorites is Slow Jam the News.  Was it Brian Williams that took to the microphone first? 

Now it’s presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s turn to get the slow and spicy mix on Fallon’s late night gig. 

Is his name really worth 800 points in Scrabble? That’s a little fake news there, but besides that, Fallon and crew spice up “Booty Judge”  who kept reminding us of a human Kermit the Frog. 

“What you’re saying is you go both ways?” – Jimmy

“No, I’m just gay” – Pete

Leave it to Beaver and Doogie Howser were other nicknames thrown toward Pete, but he stayed his posture perfect self. 

For more from Pete and even his mom,  here’s part of is interview on The Tonight Show.

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