Father Demands Daughter Remove HRC Sticker From Car Before Thanksgiving Visit

In one of our recent posts, Car Stickers May Have Caused Anti-Gay Attack Of 75-Year Old Man, we thought that public attacks may be on the increase if deplorables saw such pride on your car.  We didn't think harassment would come from family members.


An HRC supporter and LGBTQ ally, Rachel was preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday when she received a message from her father informing her that she had two options for transportation to their home: remove the HRC sticker from her vehicle and drive to the property, or leave the sticker and have travel provided by a family member.

Rachel’s father told her that he and her mother thought displaying the sticker was “offensive.”

Refusing to remove the sticker while also hoping to avoid an argument with her family, Rachel decided to cover the sticker by taping an index card over it. After her post went live, however, she received thousands of comments – an outpouring of support and suggestions to combat bigotry and hate.

Ultimately, Rachel realized that removing the sticker was allowing discrimination to win, and she refused to back down from something she so strongly believed in. Unwilling to compromise her convictions, Rachel decided to leave the sticker on her car.  – hrc.org

Head over to hrc.org to hear Rachel's full story as well as more of this update:


Wow… Over ten thousand comments and counting. Thank you for the outpouring of support and suggestions through comments and private messages. I truly did not anticipate this response. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in this battle.

Has having stickers on your car caused you any grief, backlash, harm from others?  from family members?  

Do some of your straight family members ave HRC equality stickers on their cars? 

Have they taken them off because of recent events?

h/t:  hrc.org

The simple display of the HRC sticker, whether it’s on your car, laptop or elsewhere, shows that you believe in a world that does not discriminate against anyone and that we are in this fight together. Get your free HRC equality sticker by visiting hrc.im/Sticker.

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