Florida Gay Couple Celebrated The New Year By Saving A Choking Woman’s Life

Paul Fogarty-Brown and Karlton Brown / Screenshot via Facebook @MaxineBentzel

A gay couple in Florida are being celebrated for saying a woman’s life.

While enjoying a meal at Mortan’s Steakhouse in Boca Raton, Florida on New Year’s Day, Karlton Brown and husband Paul Fogarty-Brown were surprised by a sudden emergency.

According to WPTV, the two men noticed a nearby diner choking. The two sprang into action and gave the woman CPR until her airway was cleared.

“She lost consciousness,” Paul Fogarty-Brown, who’s a volunteer firefighter, told WPTV. “And then her pulse, her heart stopped. And at that stage it was, pumping her heart, he was pumping her upper gastric trying to dislodge the food and stuff.”

“She is completely purple, her forehead, her eyes, her lips, and I said to him quietly, ’We are not going to lose her, we are not going to lose her,'” Brown recounted.

Despite Brown being legally mandated to attend CPR training every two years, he told reporters that he and his husband like to attend basic life support training in case of emergencies like this one.

For the woman who was dining not too far from the couple, it’s a good thing the men did.

As for that woman, she was later taken to Boca Regional Medical Center, but has now been released. She plans to meet her two saviors sometime in the near future.

h/t: WPTV

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