Full-Frontal French Fitness Model Fabien Sassier Looks Freaking Fantastic

How’s your week going? Need a pick-me-up? [that can be an innuendo if you want it to be].

Thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk, we’ve stumbled upon a technically perfect-looking, allegedly human creature that’s named Fabien Sassier.

What’s more, we’ve stumbled upon full-frontal nudes of the French fitness model. You may want to be sitting [or even lying] down before you scroll through.

As for the physique, he’s got a pleasing amount of hair, he’s hugely muscular without being excessive or looking like he juices, he’s uncut and packing. And come on—dat ass. That is a work of modern art.

The French beauty has 92.1k Instagram followers and an Only Fans account if you’re looking for a reason to spend your money.

Check out the full-frontal NSFW snaps here.

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