Gay Activist Murdered Over Transgender Roommate

Vincenzo Ruggiero, a well know Italian gay activist, went missing a few weeks ago, in Giugliano, a city in Naples. Recently a man has come forward and confessed to his murder.

Ciro Guarente, who confessed to the murder, was the partner of Ruggiero’s roommate, a trans woman, Heven Grimaldi. It seems that Guarente was jealous of their friendship, saying it was the reason he murdered Ruggiero. The Italian press is calling it a “love triangle” gone wrong. Guarente confessed to the murder after surveillance footage showed him dumping the body.

After the initial disappearance of Ruggiero, Grimaldi posted multiple distraught videos about the disappearance and wanting her friend back. Saying, she wanted “to find you and to be happy”

Presently a search is underway to recover the body. 

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  1. This is so sad and a terrible

    This is so sad and a terrible thing to happen to anyone.  My thoughts and prayers goes out not only to Vincenzo Ruggiero but to his family and friends as they deal with not only his death but also his murder.  Rest In Peace Vincenzo.  May you soar with the angels.


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